We understand how important it is for there to be excellent communication between school and home. We use our website, twitter, facebook and our parental text service as well as sending hard copies of letters home and our termly magazine. We know that letters can sometimes be mislaid or students can be away when they are given out. For this reason, we endeavor to upload copies of letters sent home to this page.

If there is any information that you need and cannot find here or on our social media feeds, please contact the school office and we will deal quickly with your question.


KRS Attendance protocol
Feb 2016 – New House and rewards system
Mar 2016 – Mobile Phone. Other Internet Devices
Mar 2016 – SRE letter KS3
Mar 2016 – SRE letter KS4
Jul 2016 – Packed lunch
Sep 2016 – KRS Exam Bulletin
Jan 2017 – MOD Schools Letter
Apr 2017 – Ofsted Inspection
May 2017 – Announcement to Parents
Jun 2017 – Acting Principals Letter of Confirmation to parents
Sep 2017 – Parent Tea and Tour Sessions
Sep 2017 – Welcome Back Letter
Oct 2017 – School Photographers
Jun 2018 – Change to MFL curriculum
Jul 2018 – End of term timings
Oct 2018 – KS3 – Foundation Project Qualification
Feb 2019 – Spring Term Parent Tea and Tour Letter