As you know, for their first three years at King Richard School all pupils take essentially the same wide range of subjects. This is intended both to lay the foundations of a broad general education and to give pupils at least some experience on which to base their choice of courses in the upper school.

At this stage in their school career, pupils must now decide, from a range of subjects, which together with English, Mathematics and Science will form their GCSE examination courses. The construction of a study programme is very much a matter for the individual and before final decisions are made a good deal of consultation has to take place. It is virtually impossible to put down on paper all the factors involved in making appropriate choices but it is hoped that this booklet will enable discussion to be concentrated on specific needs, interests and aspirations.

The EBacc (or English Baccalaureate)

Two years ago the Government introduced a new measure for schools – the English Baccalaureate (EBacc). A student will achieve the EBacc if they achieve a grade C or above in English, Mathematics, 2 Sciences, a Modern Foreign Language and History or Geography (6 specific GCSE qualifications in total). There is no certificate for students attaining this measure, but the Department for Education believes strongly that it is attainment in these subjects that are vital for most students future success. At King Richard School, our curriculum provision includes the EBacc subjects (a Modern Foreign Language, Double Science or Triple Science, History and Geography); all of which are very popular subjects. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we would expect students to choose subjects that will allow them to gain the EBac as this offers a solid academic foundation for future study and success.

GCSE Options Booklet 2019-2021