Staff List

General Enquiries

The School Secretary is the first point of contact for all your enquiries, or if you need to contact a member of staff or senior leadership team.

Main Office
T:+357 24 74 8340

The working Admin hours are from 07.00 until 14.15

King Richard School

Absence Reporting
T:+357 24 74 8342

Full-Time Teachers

Mr Richard Sproson BA (Hons), PGCE NASENCO Head Teacher – SENCO/Pastoral & History
Mr George Burvill BSc (Hons), QTS Asst, Head Teacher – HCA Humanities & Geography
Mr Chris Thomas BSc (Hons), PGCE Asst, Head Teacher – HCA Physical Education
Mrs Emma Andrew BEd D&T & Health Education
Mr Stephen Devine BSc (Hons), PGCE Maths
Mrs Colleen Downham BRel Ed, QTS Religious Education & PHSE
Mr Rob Murphy BA (Hons), PGCE Data Co-ordinator & HCA Computing
Mr Stephen Peters BSc (Hons), PGCE HCA Maths
Mr Shaun Reid BSc (Hons), PGCE HCA Science
Ms Julie Sharpe BSc (Hons), PGCE Physical Education
Mr Jason Greenwell PGCE Music
Mr Mike Westall BA (Hons), PGCE HCA Creative Arts
Mr Stephen Hill BA (Hons) PGCE History
Miss Amy Hill BA (Hons), PGCE MFL
Mrs Irene Panayi BSc (Hons),MSc, PGCE Physics
Miss Hannah Field BA (Hons), MA, PGCE English & Drama
Mrs Katie Barrow BA (Hons) PGCE Head of 6th Form – Home School Co-ordinator & Geography
Mrs E Sturgess BA (Hons), MA MFL
Mr Julian Downham Business studies
Mrs Charlene Vale Design & Technology

Locally Engaged Teaching Assistants

Mr Francis Brian Science
Mrs Donna Ferris English
Mrs Holly Colyer ICT
Mrs Rebekka Cripps-Thomas Student mobility
Mrs Joanne Peters Humanities
Mrs Karen Vasiliou  Maths
Mrs Laura Marshall LSA
Mrs Irina Ralphe LSA


Locally Engaged Civilians

Mrs Anthoulla Christofi Resources Operator & Uniform Sales
Mrs Kim Cox PA to Principal
Miss Nicola Rose Exams Officer
Mr Charlie Pallent Learning Technologies Manager
Mr Pani Kefaliou Workshop Technician
Mrs Maria Efstathiou Lab technician
Mrs Loukia Kyriacou Finance Supervisor
Mrs Helen Murphy Management Systems & Attendance Administrator
Mr Craig Longshaw ICT Network Manager