Community Comments

“You’ve certainly had great impact, the fact that the children have shared their learning at home with their parents is a real bonus.”

Deputy Head Teacher DPS speaking about MFL from KRS


At the Station Christmas Extravaganza…

“The KRS staff where very helpful and the kids did a great job” 

QM 2019


“My child has been well supported and achieved a lot in his time at KRS. The leadership team are approachable and helpful. A fantastic school, we are sorry to leave.


”The teachers and students are helpful and kind. I’ve enjoyed every
minute of being here”   

Temporary Science Technician

Again, KRS staff impress me! Think you do some great work. Always a pleasure to work alongside you…”

Educational Psychologist

”Thank you for recognising ********** (Y11 student) efforts and helping her confidence grow a little taller again.” 


“As parents we too are so happy with *******’s progress in school and for all the support received.”


”The students must feel so valued and really want to come to school. It almost brought a tear to my eye and is a wonderful indication of the standards the school must embrace. ”   

Visitor to School