Extra Curricular Activity

St. John’s and King Richard Schools both offer a rich extra curricular programme to enhance day to day learning that takes place in the classroom. This ranges from residential visits to other countries, student exchanges, visits in Cyprus to historic sites, Model United Nations and Geo-Cashing to sporting fixtures and clubs.

As many of our students travel to us on school buses (from Nicosia, RAF Akrotiri, North and South Paramali and Ayois Nikolaos), we have a late bus that runs each night to allow them to join in with our extra curricular programme.

Below are the weekly notices that show what activities are arranged: <<to be up loaded each week>>

Regular afternoon PE based activities

Term 1 Term 2 Term 1
Running Hockey Rounders
Netball Netball Table Tennis
Football Football Dance
Trampolining Cricket

PE based activities

Term 1 Term 2 Term 1
Swimming Gala Sports Day Summer of Sport
Dhekelia Dash Football fixtures
Teamwork festival Netball fixtures