King Richard Schools serves the needs of secondary age children in British Forces Cyprus. We understand that service children may only be with us for a short period of time and for this reason we have ensured that our uniform is significantly cheaper than the UK average. We have also ensured that our uniform is befitting the climate in Cyprus.

We no longer have summer/winter uniforms. It is up to parents & students which items from the agreed list they wear throughout the year. Our only stipulation is that the items chosen are from the agreed list within our Uniform Policy (below) and are worn appropriately.

Polo Shirt € 8,00
Skirt € 10,00
Shorts € 10,00
Boys trousers € 14,00
Girls trousers € 14,00
Jumper € 15,00
Cardigan € 15,00
Blazer € 10,00
Fleece € 10,00
Hoodie € 10,00
PE Top € 10,00
PE Shorts € 5,00
Trousers, shorts & skirt graphic

Trousers, shorts & skirt

Fleece & blazer

Fleece & blazer

Fleece & blazer

Fleece & blazer


PE Kit

All families are welcome to come in and purchase school uniform during the school holidays. Please note that the uniform does not accept credit cards.

2023 Summer uniform shop opening times
Monday 24th July 8-10am

Thursday 3rd  August 8-10am
Friday 4th August 8-10am
Monday 7th August 8-10am
Tuesday 8th August 8-10am
Monday 14th August 8-10am
Monday 21st August 8-10am
Tuesday 22nd August 8-10am