MOD Schools Music Service

The MOD Schools Music Service (MS) was formed in the Autumn Term of 1999. The aim of the MS is to make instrumental tuition available to Service children educated in Cyprus and to provide musical opportunities that will enrich their lives and build skills for the future.

Instrumental tuition comes as a package consisting of two main elements:
Firstly, the pupil will receive small group lessons in school during the school week. All the MS staff are highly qualified instrumental specialists who will be available to teach a minimum of 30 lessons per academic year.

Secondly, after an initial period of tuition, the pupil will be expected to attend a Music School which operates at the Music Centre – in King Richard School. This operates at various times during the week, outside normal school hours. It is there that the pupil will experience playing in larger bands, orchestras and other instrumental ensembles.

Tuition is primarily in woodwind, brass and stringed instruments. Should timetabling, staffing and schools permit; MS will consider applications for other instruments.

MOD Schools Music Service Instructors



Mr J Kille BA Hons (Mus), PGCE, CT ABRSM Head of Service
Mrs Kath Millard BA (Hons), PGCE, Dip.Mus ATCL Strings Tutor
Peter Betley BA (Hons), FTCL, LTCL Brass Tutor
Mrs Sue Betley GTCL (Hons), FTCL, PGCE, CT ABRSM Woodwind Tutor
Mr John Bones 



Assistant Instructors

CMS Application Form To apply for music tuition, please complete this form:

For further details, please ring the MS office on 2596 2409 or email the secretary: